When all went wrong... How not to panic and boost your energy

“When they kick out your front door How you gonna come?

With your hands on your head Or on the trigger of your gun”

I love this song by Clash that really questions how we meet challenges in life. Yesterday with everything ‘perfeclty’ organized for the photoshoot we suddenly found ourselves in front of the location with changed opening hours. So with 1 hour of time allocated, a 1,5-year-old kid on the hands, amazing Dana, and I just laughed into the face of the challenge and went for the task with an adjusted strategy. I love my collaboration with Dana because we really make a power team together and the takeaways from our collaboration, I believe, are fully applicable to our daily professional lives in high-energy style.

Here are my 5 thoughts for today on pursuing your goals without burning out.

  1. Work with people of the same “breed”. Always choose people based on their attitude to life. Skills are important, however, how will they behave facing a challenging situation? Get defensive? Aggressive? or just take lemons of life and turn them into lemonade? Having people aside that are able to laugh into the face of the challenge is key as with a smile life is always better.

  2. See the bright side. When things go south it also gives you an opportunity to rethink and find sometimes an even better solution. Just accept something that went wrong as a fact without giving it the energy of rumination and rather focus on the solution. It brings a much higher level of satisfaction – charges you.

  3. Celebrate success. It might seem that you solved something small and insignificant, take that moment to enjoy since, it would have been bad if it went wrong. So be happy! By noting small victories you build the muscle of striving through life and your own energy reserve to rely on.

  4. Time on finding the guilty invest into lessons learnt. There is no point in wasting time (read energy) on drilling it down to personal things of who and what and how is guilty. Far more important is to understand “facts and figures” – what needs to be done next time for the situation not to repeat. This allows you to build a “safety bank” or a base of experience to refer to. An energy saver once again.

  5. Just go for it. One of the prerequisites of moving forward is actually taking the step. So, instead of crying over the perfect plan in ruins proceed with the next best perfect. At the end of the day you need to get things done and you can not benchmark with something that never happened. So follow your new plan giving it all! That’s the power of the flow!

And do you have your list? If you would like to find your ways of living a high-energy life, happy to have a one-on-one. Register for the Free of charge High Energy Life Recap Session https://bit.ly/3kCDpdp

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