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Mission and Metrics

How, in fact, to understand doing what brings us joy? How do we know what exactly we love? It looks so easy with a hobby, and it turns out to be much more difficult when it comes to the professional side, right? Should we just agree that we see it easy to find joy when it is NOT about making money?

On the other thought, do you think this could be somehow related to metrics? Elaborating further, when we do something for pleasure, we measure it with pleasure units (I’ll call them Joys), and when we do something professionally, we measure it in monetary units. So… how about measuring professional performance with the new unit of Joy? Let's say your monthly income is 5,000 euros, that is an hourly rate of 30 euros. How many Joys does this hour bring you? Would you say the same 30, do your currencies have a 100% correlation? Or less? If you were paid with pleasure, how many Joys would you have in your emotional bank account?

Now, having highlighted the question of how much, let's look at the question of how? How to increase our bank of joy. Tell me, what is the larger purpose you are working for! What’s beyond the money you get? What’s the purpose? What are your values? This simple question has a fundamental nature. Understanding what is valuable is the beginning of the path to a state of joy. It helps to distinguish authentic goals from imaginary ones. For example, for some people, Money is a value on its own, but for others, it is only one of the metrics of Success. For some, Business is a matter of life and legacy, for some, though it is also a means of Publicity, and for some, it's just a tool for making money.

Thus, starting this week, I invite you to think about your metrics and your purpose. And in this regard, how about right now writing down your TOP 5 values? Do you find them reflected in what you do in life?

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