From Fight and Flight to Organic Achievement

Have you noticed how sometimes pushing and pushing and pushing towards the goal nothing happens? As if we are moving in the opposite direction of the escalator or facing an invisible but unbreakable wall? And the more we push, the more there seems to be the resistance… escorted by frustration… and at the end spilling into the loop of apathy or just tiredness…

And then… as soon as we accept the circumstances letting it go and instead of focusing on crashing the wall, we actually enjoy the process of moving forward, we start noticing unnecessary actions that consume our energy and those that pay off when we place our attention... and suddenly the result comes naturally, as if on its own…

This is one of those principles that I learnt with yoga. When the time is right the result comes as if in a second, as if by magic. Of course, it does not come without action. In fact, it means our commitment is consistent but with awareness of what actually makes sense. By no means we should just sit there and wait. On the opposite, we should be pursuing the goal with joy, every day … step by step with dedication and persistence, and appreciating invisible achievements as they all build-up towards the breakthrough.

In such a way, as soon as we stop seeing life as a battlefield and instead enjoy the pursuit on its own we start living a high-energy life. While the action is there, the energy we put in it is different - from fighting to nurturing… That to me is a fundamental part of achieving more without burning out.

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