Advent Calendar for High Energy 2022

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Having lived, worked, studied or travelled in close to 100 countries 🌏 I confess I ♥️ discovering local culture and adapt what inspires me - food, clothes, tradition. That's how I am an owner of kimono and sari... and my menu accounts for a diversity of cuisines 😋 to the extent that my family likes my misos and sushis and curries more than in the top restaurants. Another confession 😇, I love the concept of the Advent Calendar - this is so cool to have this little reward while looking forward to Xmas🎅. Hence, this year I thought of launching my own NY Advent Calendar leading to High Energy Life. Every day I will share a tip that hopefully will lead you too to the year that you dream of and deserve.

🌟SO… buckle in..! DAY 1🌟


If needed, close your eyes for a second and think about your most special Xmas or NY morning. Feel that emotion. Dive into that moment. What is there? Who is there? What do you hear? What do you see? What are you thinking about?

For some reason the morning that pops up in my head is the year 2000 , the year when I lived in New York 🇺🇸. Oh Gosh! More than 20 years ago! Being awaken by @carialt14 and Chris (my host parents) together with @casey_doubleyou , Caleigh, Celia and Nick (my host brothers and sisters) we ran in pijamas to the Xmas 🌲. I was 16. They - from 3 to 12 (Nick was the age of my daughter Sophie!). It was around 4 am and we all were sleepy but with big smiles. It was amazing to unwrap the presents like that. Not fully dressed up and pampered like I was used to… but like that, with messy hair and stinky breath… 🤪 It was snowing outside, which made the warm sleepy house even more comforting…

It happened so that the topic of new home is central to my life now… and it could be due to that partially that the image comes up. And what I clearly know now… that for 2022 for sure I am seeking family warmth and coziness 🙃

And what came to you?

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