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5 Seasonal Breakfasts

September brings some typical seasonal fruit and vegetables super rich in vitamins and light in nature. After summer holidays let's consider some great options for breakfast that would nurture us for a day and at the same time give few more minutes for a nap, as they are lean on time.

Figs - the magic of fiber and calcium

This is a fantastic fruit. Its rich content of fiber helps digestion and nourishes our body with important nutrients among which calcium. Since it is quite high on sugar it also gives the feeling of being full quite quickly.

Breakfast idea: To have a durable fullness effect compliment figs with few nuts that would help to compensate for the dip that follows the sugar strike. Due to its sugar content it is better to eat this fruit in the first half of the day. And!.. do not drink water at least for half an hour later as otherwise you will experience bloating. And we want to keep only positive aftermaths. Just wash the fruit, cut them in quarters and enjoy!

Blackberries - the boost of vitamin C in the wild

These berries are an incredible source of vitamins - fiber, vitamins C and E, folic acid and some iron. The contained sugar is balanced off by some acidity making it a pefect source of energy. Add here the antioxidant effect prevailant for all berries and you already there have a super breakfast food.

Breakfast idea: Complimenting it with a plane yogurt (greek or coconut yogurt) and sprinkling it with some chia seeds and nuts give you a complete breakfast with enough of energy to last through lunchtime.

Mango - source of vitamin A, C and E and enzymes

This incredibly tasty fruit is available all year long, however, in Spain it particularly matures at the end of August making it a great early fall breakfast. Rich in the three antioxidant vitamins A, C and E it provides a porwerful combination to combat oxidation caused by free radicals. It also contains enzymes that make it very digestive. Its laxative effect is especially useful against constipation.

Breakfast idea: enjoy it on its own or as a smoothie - stir in blender 300 grams of coconut or almond milk, half of mango, and some chia seeds.

Mushrooms - the treasure of vitamin D and selenium

A great source of vegetarian protein mushrooms are also full of minerals and vitamins of group B. They also provide unusual nutrients in vegetables, such as selenium and vitamin D. Selenium and other antioxidants protect the body from cellular deterioration. And no need to mention the importance of vitamin D without which among other downeffects calcium is poorly absorbed by the body.

Breakfast idea: put some extra virgin olive oil on the frying pan, add some mustard seeds and finely cut onion. Let it get to a golden color. Add clean and cut in halfs mushrooms, stir for 4 minutes. Add an egg, scramble for 1 minute all together. Top with finely cut cilantro. Serve with some freshly cut cucamber.

Chard - the iron booster

This excellent source of iron, folic acid and vitamin C makes it perfect for fighting anemia. It is also rich in potassium. It has over 13 antioxidants and is a champion in vitamins. This makes is perfect in improving cardiovascular health and blood sugar regulation. Some 200 grams provide all the required vitamin A per day, 50% of the B6 and one fifth of the B1 and B2.

Breakfast idea: put some extra virgin olive oil, add some chopped garlic and finely cut onions. When turns golden add some leaves cut in midsize pieces and stir for about 5 minutes. Add some chickpeace and finely cut redbell pepper. Grind some black pepper and stir for 3-4 minutes. Add a boiled egg prepared at the same time and you have a complete breakfast.

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