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Fists in Solidarity

High-Energy Achiever Program

This robust  12-week week program is designed for those, who are don't want to choose. For those, who are seeking to relaunch or aim at achieving a new level in business, career and life without compromising own health and well-being. With attention to balance and care for own self. 


week 1

We start with fundamentals - health. From day 0 of the program we kick off the journey of making confident and comfortable steps towards improving your overall health and well-being. This includes a diagnostic step, food correction, focus on sleep, movement - everything that directly impacts the way you feel. With a core focus on week 1 we enter into the discovery of your personal diet, something that works for you! By week 4 you not only will feel significant changes in your health but also will learn how to live sustainably in a healthy way.

Do Less Planning

week 3

Now that you see and experience changes in how you look and feel, with more energy onboard let's define the priorities and set out clearly the goals you want to achieve in each of the areas your defined as those that need your care, that you need to feel happy. This week is not only about putting more on your plate, rather clearing the clutter and getting important where it belongs. You have your roadmap in your hands.

New Reality

week 6

You clearly see the first milestones were hit and getting to your final goal is a matter of consistency. This new reality where you are happy about yourself and your life, where you feel good inspires you to dream bigger. Now with the confidence and full of energy you will define your 3 big goals to achieve in a year from now, 

Emotional  Balance

week 2

As we progress you will recognize how your body nurtured with care gratefully gives you energy. And yet, as we know, not only vitamins impact our health and energy levels. In week 2 we kick off exploring your energy sources and drainers developing a healthy and loving attitude towards own self. No broccoli in the world can compensate toxic environment or lack of joy. This week we will head off to explore what charges you and what holds you behind setting the foundations for holistic health.

Follow Through Action weeks 4-5

At this point, you are finalizing your 4-week detox and habit-hacking program. You already know what works for you and what does not. The higher levels of energy raise the scale and give the energy to go for it! You are following through with action making notable changes in the areas of life you have defined as key. And you clearly see how everything aligns to support you in achieving your goals. 

High-Energy Life
weeks 7-12

Life is not a sprint. It's a marathon where every new finish is the new start. To secure the achievements and follow through towards the big plans these weeks are filled with inspirational thematic meetings, mentoring, and coaching. These weeks continue to keep you focused on how, since the why and what are already cristal clear. You are supported by professionals and a community of like-minded people. Congratulations! You made it!

What Our Clients Say

Nora, 48 years old, business owner

I came with desire to improve my health and at the end changed my life for better. 

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