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How It Got Started

Hi! My name is Tetyana or more punchy Tate. I am 38 and my mission is to help people live healthier and happier lives. Having consulted over 500 professionals on their career choices, I have noticed that regardless of whether they came from Russia, Japan, Australia, the US, or the UK they all faced similar concerns. The issue of being "stuck" walked along with topics of apathy, unfulfillment, and lack of energy. And at some point, I could fully relate to that. As someone, who also went through the MBA-led executive growth I reinvented my life and went on the road of helping others to do the same


As a mother, experienced professional, dedicated yogi, and a student of the Institute of Integrated Nutrition (New York), I am fascinated by all the opportunities we have out there to live in harmony with our own self. Getting what we want does not mean we have to end up in a wheelchair, overweight, single, and emotionally damaged. You can achieve more, feel, and look great at the same time! This is possible due to the holistic approach to life and health and where I come helpful.


There are a number of success stories, however, the personal story of my mom is still probably the one that reminds me every day what I do matters.  A little over 8 years ago my role model of business and life success, my dearest and the closest person was suddenly under an attack of her own body, which despite the effort of the doctors was eating her away… Since then finding a solution to this, medics say, the unsolvable problem became our mission… It also became a joint road to the discovery of what a holistic approach to health can do. Building from food and physical activity and taking into account other areas of life we are able to create miracles. Alongside doctors on our own, beyond and despite medication, we have found a way to significantly improve my mom’s day-to-day. She is not only able to walk today but restarted her own business and dreams to live 50 years more. 


This feeds in my heart the fire of eagerness to help more people simply live happier. As we all are so different there are no off-the-shelf solutions, however, my 17+ years of professional experience show there are some common threads that over and over equip me to bring happiness and success to people around me.


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